Luk Factory’s newest confirmed 8-member boy group is called Noir. They have been around for a few months and many of them are easily spotted in dance covers pre-debut. Unlike other groups, Noir has been pretty open with showing their faces and not covering themselves in mystery like many of their hype-building counterparts. This group is low-key with insane visuals and is definitely on the list as one of the groups to watch this year!
It has been speculated that three Sol-T members will be part of the debut of Probeat Entertainment’s “GBB” or “Gawi-Bawi-Bo”. The girl group, whose name means, “Rock, Paper, Scissors” is set to debut sometime this year, but much of this is speculative due to disappearing instagram accounts belonging to different thought-to-be members. Special credits to LorraineYe of ALLKPOP for the info.
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