Well A.C.E (에이스) is a Korean boy group containing 5 members: Donghun, Jun, Wow, Jason and Chan. They are under Beat Interactive and debuted on May 23, 2017. A.C.E represents Adventure Calling Emotions.

Looking for a new group to learn? Five member group A.C.E will unquestionably way up your bias list with this astonishing debut, super talented guys who just made their comeback.

Jun ACE 2017

Junhee known as Jun was born in June 02, 1994 is a leader, lead vocalist and lead dancer. He had a cameo appearance in “I Need Romance 3”, “Meloholic” (ep 2), “Age of Youth 2”. Jun, Donghun, and Wow were in Kdrama called “Persevere, Goo Hae Ra”. They made a short appearance as a Kpop group called Impact.

Donghun ACE 2017

Donghun is the main vocalist he was born in February 28, 1993. In university, before going to the army, Donghoon made it to the TOP 10 in Superstar K5. He was in a group called Plan B.  Donghun is participating in YG’s new survival program “MIXNINE”.

Wow ACE 2017

Sehyoon known as Wow is the main dancer, main rapper, vocalist and visual. He was born on May 15, 1993. In 2014, he danced as a back dancer for Hi.Ni  clutch bag. He also appeared in its MV.

Jason ACE 2017

Jason was inspired to become a singer after watching Rain’s Rainism. He is one of the Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper. He told his father the next day and immediately enrolled him into a dance academy. (BNT interview). He was born in August 13, 1996. In 2014, he won the JYP’s 11th audition stage and trained in JYP until sometime in 2015. He trained under JYP along his bandmate Chan.

Chan ACE 2017

Chan is the maknae of the group, the youngest member. He was born in Jeju, South Korea. He is one of the main vocalist and was born in December 31, 1997. After entering high school, he enrolled in a dance club. (BNT interview).

A.C.E didn’t make their official debut until May. A.C.E  took the roads for months for regular events where the members showcased their dancing skills, and vocals live with the audiences.


Past their debut, all members were part of 1Million Dance Studio, which explains their remarkable dancing skills. Their recent comeback single “Callin” beautifully combines aesthetics and feelings.

A.C.E have covered several hit K-pop songs on their official YouTube channel.

We also can’t forget this stunning cover of BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire,” either. A.C.E gives the girl group hit a special twist with a supplement from AG Band in their official cover below.


1Million Dance Studio is a superb chief in the Korean dance scene, with their choreographers having participated in the dance creation of uncountable iconic K-pop choreographies.

A.C.E members Jun and Wow start off the dance to Pentatonix’s “Sing” with choreographer Lia Kim in this clip:


Donghun, Jason, and Chan dance in the first group to Jihoon Kim’s choreography video for Jeff Bernat’s “Queen.” (Donghun was in a blue shirt, and Jason wears a white cap, and Chan is in a white shirt.)

A.C.E’s fan service around Korea they make sure their international fans don’t feel left out, the guys dropped an English version of their debut song “Cactus”.


Zany TV gave A.C.E five minutes to create their choreography to Latin-American boy group CNCO’s smash hit “Reggaetón Lento.” Spoiler alert: They killed it and the intensity to a whole new level.


Imagine what they can do when they indeed hit the awards. These talented guys haven’t even shown us half of what they can do.

What do you adore about A.C.E? Let us know in the comments.

A.C.E opened up their official accounts and be sure to check them out.

A.C.E Official Accounts:

Homepage: A.C.E

Facebook: officialA.C.E7

Instagram: @official_a.c.e7

Twitter: ‪@official_ACE7

Youtube: A.C.E Channel

NaverPost: officialace

Weibo: officialACE

Fan Cafe: A.C.E

A.C.E Fandom Name: Choice

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